Have a passion for THE EXORCIST and WRITING?

The Exorcist Online is currently looking for volunteers to join the team!

The Exorcist Online is looking for passionate new team members to provide bi-weekly and/or monthly articles and columns to be featured on the website.

This could range from lists, editorial & opinion pieces, to in-depth analysis and reviews – as long as it’s relevant to the Exorcist franchise and/or will be of interest to the fanbase.

That means you could write about the Exorcist films, books, games, merch & memorabilia, cast & crew, or even reviewing other exorcism movies (as we know they all “borrow” from The Exorcist) and covering any Exorcist-related events in your area (such as convention appearances, festivals, screenings, etc). 

We’re also seeking someone to write weekly recaps/reviews of Fox’s THE EXORCIST series.

*please note, we are not currently looking for news writers.


The requirements are pretty simple!
Just have a passion for the subject and the ability to write in a professional manner.
Some experience with WordPress would be helpful, but not required.


Send your application contact@behindtheexorcist.com

Tell us a little about yourself, and the type of content you’d be interested in writing for The Exorcist Online.

Attach some samples of your writing. This can include links to things such as your IMDB reviews or Letterboxd profile.

That’s it! We’ll be in touch to let you know if you got the part.

We look forward to welcoming some new members to the team!